Canada has developed as a top destination as it offers a high quality and an extraordinary education to international students aspiring to study PhD program in Canada. With world-class facilities, an advanced educational system and an affordable tuition fee, PhD in Canada has become a favorable choice to international applicants. The Canadian Government has recognized this potential and has softened the guidelines. With a lot of funding opportunities offered by universities and agencies, the numbers of students pursuing PhD in Canada have increased. The best thing about pursuing a PhD in Canada is the flexibility coupled with the academic program.

Admission Procedure for PhD programs in Canada

  • International applicants applying for a PhD in Canada have to undergo a set of fixed and standard rules to qualify for admission into any Canadian university.
  • International students are required to hold a Masters degree with relatively high grades and profound research accomplishments.
  • The admission police require an elaborated research application, previous academic records, recommendation letters, arrays of essays and good GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores. To pursue Ph D in Canada Universities students are required to prove their expertise and competency in a particular field of specialization.

Course Details

A PhD in Canada normally ranges between five and six years of duration. As per the regulations followed in Ph D in Canada, the first two years of study requires to be spent in stipulating with coursework and primary exams. After successful completion of coursework and exams, applicants are officially recognized as Ph.D. applicants. The next three to four years, students are associated in research work and completing the program with a dissertation. At the time of the dissertation, applicants would have to be ready for an open reviewing. Upon successful completion of this dissertation, the applicant will be awarded a Ph D in Canada.

Financial Aid

  • A majority of students pursuing PhD in Canada opt for on and off campus jobs to support their educational costs. Many universities in Canada allow international students to work for 20 hrs. per week
  • Financial aid for Ph D in Canada universities are also given in the form of an award, where the total tuition fee is covered
  • Apart from this, a Ph.D. student can also receive financial assistance in the form of teaching assistantships and research assistantships under the direction of their faculty.

In today’s extremely professional global scenario, it has become crucial to be acquainted with innovational ideas for better career prospects. PhD programs in Canada, helps students in preparing and educating for the next generation.