All International Students willing to pursue higher studies in Canada are required to obtain a Study Permit from the Canadian Government. To be eligible to apply for a Canadian Student VISA, international students must have:

  • An Unconditional Acceptance Letter from a recognized Canadian University / College.
  • Sufficient financial resources to cover the tuition fee, living expenses during your stay in Canada.
  • Not have any criminal background or record in your home country.
  • Good health and should submit a Medical examination report from a specified panel Doctor.
  • Ensure the VISA officer that you will return back to your home country upon successful completion of your studies.

Large numbers of students from India are applying for Canadian Student VISA under the SPP Canada category. SPP stands Student Partner Program is a pilot project designed by the Canadian Government to improve the time frame involved in the Canadian student VISA. SPP Canada is applicable to Indian students only. SPP Canada was introduced in India in April 2009. Under the scheme of SPP Canada, currently there are 43 Colleges throughout Canada and the applications filed under SPP Canada are considered under a special category at the Canadian Embassy / High Commission in India.

Requirements for Canadian Student VISA under SPP VISA category

  • Applicants should have an admission from a particular College that is part of SPP Canada.
  • Students should have a minimum of 50% or a second class in their previous education degree.
  • Applicants should have a minimum overall IELTS score of 6.0 with no individual section less than 5.5.
  • To be eligible to apply under SPP Canada, all Indian students should obtain an Educational Loan sanction letter from an approved Indian Chartered Bank covering at least 80% of their tuition expenses. The list of approved banks has been provided by the Canadian Embassy and is published on their website.
  • It is highly recommended that the applicants pay the first semester of in advance as it improves the SPP VISA chances.
  • It is suggested that the applicants submit pre Medical Examination report from a designated Doctor, as this helps in expediting the SPP VISA process.
  • Should submit the Canadian Student VISA application under SPP VISA category by 01st August for the September intake and by 01st December for the January intake.

Advantages of filing Canadian Student VISA application under SPP Canada category

  • Expedite VISA process which normally takes around one week.
  • Very high chances of VISA approval.
  • No need to submit any income proof.
  • No need to show any other forms of funds except an educational loan sanction letter.

Canadian Student Visa under Non SPP category

Please note that there so many very good Colleges / Institutions in Canada that are not a part of SPP Canada category. I fact most of the Universities in Canada does not come under this category. This will in no way affect the outcome of the VISA. All the applications for Non SPP will also undergo a prompt processing at the Canadian High commission and will receive fair decision based on the documentation provided except that the Canadian Student VISA applications filed under Non SPP category takes longer time for processing, and students are required to furnish source of all the funds shown and proof of income of their sponsors. That means applications filed under Non SPP VISA requires more documentation and takes little longer time for the process.