Masters in Germany is one of the favorite destination for Indian students not just that MS in Germany is free, but also due to the disappointing environment in other traditional Destinations like, USA, UK and Australia. The Visa approval rate during last one year to USA is dismissal and students have no clue why the Visa was denied after all the hard work. UK as a study destination is no more attractive due to tightening immigration regulations and lack opportunity is forcing quite a few students to come back. The Melbourne incident has raised certain security concerns and subsequently Australia has made both students Visa Process and immigration process complicated. In the past Masters Program in Germany was not attractive to Indian students as Masters in Germany was taught in German language and other traditional destinations were doing well.

In order to attract International highly skilled talent especially from India, German government took a lot of initiative, made work permit and settlement process easy. Studying Master in Germany is a route to settle in that country. At the same time huge number of Universities started higher education in English especially at Masters Degree in Germany. This has added Charm to MS in Germany with already existing in built facility of Free Masters degree in Germany.

Here are some Advantages for Masters Program in Germany for Indian Students 

  • MS in Germany has least Investment as there is no tuition fee in most of the German Universities. The tuition fee is very nominal to the extent of 500 Euro per semester. This gives highest return on the cost of Investment.
  • Indian students manage living with in Euro 500 by sharing the Apartment and cooking their meal.
  • Bicycles, Blue Jean, Printing Machines, Diesel Engines, Telescope, Motor Cycles, X ray Machines are all German Inventions.
  • International students can do Part time Jobs either on campus or off campus and make some money for subsistence.
  • Doing Internship is part of the Curriculum in most of the Masters Programs in Germany. This is a good Opportunity to build German experience and Career in Germany apart from some handy professional Money.
  • Shortage of highly skilled manpower and opportunity to stay in Germany for 1 year to look for Jobs give great opportunity for settlement for students who do Masters in Germany.
  • Germany has its own Green card System to attract the International Talent to settle in that Country.
  • Recently Germany is the first country in EU to Pass the EU Blue card Bill, where by opportunity is created to work in any part of Europe.
  • German Students Visa approval is consistent and good students with financial support to the extent of Rs. 5 lakhs can be more or less assured of Visa.
  • This is the Country of Inventions produced many legendary scientists and Noble Prize Winners. Germany has over 100 Nobel Prize winners to its credit. Some of the Best Brains like Einstein, Sigmund Fraud, and Heinrich Hertz are all German. Hence Germany is called Land of Ideas.