Historically Germany is one of the Best Countries for Research. This Land of Ideas is mother of so many inventions that changed the face of Modern society. A German PhD enjoys worldwide reputation and respect and can be done in field one can conceive. With Close 25,000 PhD’s, Germany out numbers any other country in Europe for number of Research Scholars. The amount of money put on Research both by Government and Privates industry beats any other country by a margin.

Here are few reasons that attract Germany as Research Destination for International Scholars

  • Worldwide reorganization and reputation of German Universities and Research Institutes for Research and Development.
  • Top class Research Infrastructure to do PhD in Germany.
  • Huge funding offered by both federal Government and Private Organization to support PhD scholarships in Germany.
  • These Research places have varied mix of International Scholars across the world.
  • Germany is a great place to be among the best Research Talent in the world. A great environment which has produced Number World Famous Scholars and Scientists.

There are different methods to do PhD in Germany like many Other Countries: 

Structured PHD in Germany

PhD Scholars are required to certain amount of course work and their Research work need to fit into existing structure of Research going on in that Institute. This kind of Research is strongly funded by the Industry and often coupled with guaranteed Placement. In this Research Project generally few Professors looks after team of PhD students. The structured natured of this PhD makes it possible to complete as early as 3 Years.

Individual PHD in Germany

These are Research Project of Individual Students specifically interested in his field of Interest, generally guided by a professor. PhD Students does the Research at their pace and consults Professors on need basis.

PHD in Germany Supported by Employer

Working graduates who wish to do PhD choose this Option. They do Research often related to their Jobs and funding is done by the employer. The Research is guided by a professor in the same field in a nearby University or Research Institutes.

The General Requirements for PHD in Germany

  • Very high Research Orientation well supported on Paper like academic credentials, Research Papers etc.
  • Apt and Suitable Research Proposal.
  • Extremely Positive References from relevant people.
  • Finding a Research Project and Supervisor in Germany.
  • Proficient in English / German depending on the Research Place. These days English is main contact language in most Research Institutes in Germany.

The involvement of the student is highly essential for admission to PhD in Germany unlike admission into Masters Programs. Raj Consultants can help and guide you in finding the suitable Research Organization, Project and Professor for your PhD Position and PhD scholarship.