why to Study MBBS in Philippines

Many believe that studying medicine is really tough and expensive, however with the right choice of place to study, combined with the right planning and preparation, there is no reason that they cannot complete their studies or degree. If you are planning to study abroad, you actually have all the liberty to consider or choose the country that you like to study. But among all the countries to choose from, Philippines is an ideal choice if you have the desire to study MBBS.

MBBS is also known as Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Some individuals find this confusing because this is abbreviated in many ways. These are two known professional undergraduate degrees that are awarded upon completion or graduation in particular medical school or university. The name suggests that there are two separate degrees but in formal practice, these are also considered as one and awarded together.

Philippines offers finest education systems known in the Asian continent. MBBS in Philippines is an ideal option for international students to gain knowledge and mastery in medicine and surgery. Studying in the Philippines is a highly considerable option for international students who wanted to study abroad. In this country, they can pursue their studies in a completely English language at relatively high quality education at low cost.

The country has been under the influence of Americans for almost 50 years, making English an official language recognized in the Philippines. Almost all medical schools and universities offer quality medical education, making it a great advantage to students who plan of studying MBBS in Philippines. Another important thing is that, the country follows the education system in the US.

Factors that Make Philippines an Ideal Place to Study MBBS

There are many valid factors that make the country an ideal place to study MBBS. Some of the common factors are highlighted below:

  • Easy and Convenient MBBS Admission

Unlike other colleges and universities in the world offering MBBS courses, Philippines is known for its easy to get and convenient MBBS admission. The entrance requirements for medical study are not that overwhelming as with other countries in the world. If you wanted to avoid the burden of heavy pressure on application and admission process, then study MBBS in Philippines.

  • Cheaper Tuition and Cost of Living

Studying MBBS in Philippines is proven to be cheaper than taking MBBS in other countries in the world. The tuition required to complete the course is also cheaper. Another factor that can convince you to study MBBS in Philippines is the cheap cost of living. If you are concerned about your budget but still aspiring for quality medical education, then choose to study in the Philippines. The fees for MBBS courses are charged reasonably in this country so it seems to be very economical for students to study here.

  • Excellent Public Security

This is another factor that makes the country an ideal place to study MBBS. Studying MBBS in Philippines grace you with the opportunity to study in a society that boasts excellent and most reliable public security. In order to ensure that students and people live in a secured and comfortable society, the Philippine government takes an extremely tough stance on law, crime and order. The government also takes measures to extend special and protective care and safe study to international students who are studying MBBS in Philippines.

  • Lots of Leading Hospitals and Medical Institutions for Internship

In the Philippines, there are plenty of authorized and affiliated hospitals where students can take their internship. These hospitals and medical institutions are equipped with state of the art tools and high standard medical instruments to be used for a more effective internship experience. The medical market in the country is also rapidly evolving making Philippines as one of the great medical markets in the world.

  • Fulfilling and Colorful¬† Campus Life

Every medical school and university in the Philippines has its own beauty. But regardless of your choice of school to study MBBS, the country guarantees a colorful, enjoyable and fulfilling campus life. The Filipino people are very friendly and accommodating making your stay in this country easier. Some universities also organize attractive, magnificent and special activities that can be beneficial for international students. Students do not just learn the cultural history of the county but also experience the spirit of newer and more modern generation in the medical world.

Advantages of Studying in the Philippines

Philippines is the third largest nation in the world that speaks English. Studying MBBS in Philippines, therefore offers comprehensive education and a multi-cultural environment for the international students. The country has high literacy rate and universities and medical schools in the Philippines are globally recognized and world-renowned medical institutions. There are also medical schools and colleges in Philippines approved by Medical Council of India(MCI) that can support your desire and aspiration of becoming a well rounded medical practitioner.

Studying in this country is not really all about quality education. Medical schools in the Philippines also offer plenty of recreational students studying MBBS in the country. No wonder, many international students tend to enjoy their stay here during their entire education period. As compared to other countries offering MBBS, it is quite affordable to study in the Philippines. Living expenditure in the country is also very reasonable for students, local and international alike. Staying and studying here seems like living a normal and practical lifestyle.

The Philippines is also known for its advanced medical curriculums, accredited and authorized screening tests, well established infrastructure, excellent lodging and boarding provided by medical schools and global exposure. Geographically, the country lies in the heart of Asia. Studying MBBS in Philippines can be your career gateway to many other developed countries in the word like USA.

As more and more international students are coming to the Philippines to study, the country is becoming increasingly famous. When you study the Philippines, you will likely to meet many other students from different countries all over the world. Many countries are actually represented on every medical school in the country and every student will surely make a special contribution in the life of medical institution.