Anhui Medical University


Anhui Medical University is the Oldest Medical University in province of Anhui. The University is located in the city of Hefei enjoys mild tropical climate with temperatures averaging 16 Degree Centigrade is typically close the Indian Climate. The city is well connected with Shanghai by Bullet Trains which just takes 3 hrs. The University does not have strong presence of  Indian students though the tuition fee is low. Indian students tend to go to Universities where there is already strong presence of Indian students which gives them comfort zone.

Founded in the Year 1926 as Southeast Medical College in Shanghai by a group of returning Medical Scholars from Japan and later moved to Hefei the capital of Anhui Province. Anhui Medical University is the principal medical facility for the Anhui Province and administrated by the Provincial Government of Anhui. Anhui Medical University is the first university in Anhui province to admit Doctoral and Post Doctoral students.

With close to 16,000 students and about 5000 academic and supporting staff Anhui Medical University in one of the largest University in China. Anhui Medical University is 2 huge campuses. School of Medicine dominates the University with close to 6,000 students. Anhui Medical University close to 40 Teaching Hospitals with 4 hospitals directly affiliated to the University and it is also a National center for Clinical Medicine. Clinical Medicine is of 6 year duration which includes 1 year of Residency and the tuition fee is very economical at RMB 25,000 per annum.

The University has extensive collaborative academic exchange relations with following world renowned Medical Institutions to name few –

[list type=”tick”][li]University of Ulm, Germany[/li] [li]Chiba University, Japan[/li] [li]Mayo Clinic , USA[/li] [li]Middlesex University, UK[/li] [li]The University of Waikato, NZ[/li] [/list]