Chongqing Medical University

Chongqing Medical University (CQMU), has branched out of Fudan University, the Best Medical University in China.Chongqing medical University has started its operations in 1956 is located in the city of Chongqing, the 4th largest City in China after Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. Chongqing is known as city of Universities and this city is the epicenter economic development in Mid Eastern China. Located on the upper bank Yangtze River, Chongqing is the most recent municipality developed by Federal Government of China. Chongqing University has contributed enormously for the economic growth of the Region.

Chongqing Medical University located in a sprawling 2.8 Million Square Meters area with close 1.4 million sq. meters. Chongqing University has main campus in downtown Chongqing with new campus coming up in the new educational zone. Chongqing Medical University is known for its independent research has patent on High-intensity Focused Ultrasonic Therapy System (HIFU). This therapy is extensively used in more than 30 hospitals in China and also in many more countries like UK, USA, Japan etc.

Chongqing Medical University owns 4 hospitals with strength of 5000 beds. In addition the University has 5 hospitals affiliated to it and has 15 teaching hospitals. The University has a staff strength of 5000 and Chongqing Medical University was one of the first Medical Colleges to accept International students in China.

The university specializes in the following areas.

[list type=”tick”][li] Infectious Diseases [/li] [li] Pediatrics [/li] [li] Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis [/li] [li] Neurology [/li] [/list]

Chongqing Medical University has academic and Research collaboration with many Medical Universities in the Western Countries. In fact Chongqing Medical University of china is the first University in china to send some of its best faculty to get trained USA and established great relationship with Cambridge University, St. Mary’s etc.

There is dedicated foreign affairs department at Chongqing Medical University to take care of International faculty, Research Scholars and students.

The Climate at CQMU is quite tropical and comfortable to Indian students.