Dali University

Dali Medical College is a Modern University in the City of Dali, located in the West of Yunnan Province, quite close to the Indian Border at Arunachal Pradesh. Dali Medical College is part of the Newly Built Dali University Campus. Dali being situated at the end of the Himalayan range enjoys beautiful weather. The tuition fee and living expenses are quite cheap. The MBBS in English Program is permitted to recruit 150 students every year and the program is moderately ranked.. The main concern for the Indian student is that the first batch of Indian students has lot of issues with the Management and the MBBS in English Program was discontinued for long time and started again in 2011. Students are advised to recheck on this issue before they decide on the University to pursue their MBBS in English Program. Despite beautiful location and economical living, this is one factor that works against Dali University  

The ancient and Modern city of Dali is just few hundred kilometers away from the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Located at the end of Himalayan range Dali is called Srinagar of China. Established about 30 years back Dali College is located in beautiful 150 Acre Campus at the foot hill of the mountain range in between the ancient and Modern City of Dali.

Dali University has student population close to 16,000 of which 500 of them are International students. Dali College has a staff of 1200, out which 800 are teaching staff.