Dalian Medical University

Dalian Medical University is located in the city of Dalian, one of the main IT hub in China. This coastal city in the Northern china is geographically close to Korea and Japan and has lot influenced by their cultures. The University is authorized to recruit 200 students for its MBBS in English Program and ranked as average University. The tuition fee about 35,000 RMB per annum is considered to be bit expensive for its ranking.  The program gets quite bit of mix of international students. Because of its geographical location, the city faces quite bit of harsh cold whether.

Dalian Medical University occupies 11.4 Million Square meters of area with close half million sq. meters of built in area. Dalian Medical University has close 100 faculty members supporting close 1200 students. Dalian Medical University has 3 hospitals directly under its administration with 2 more hospitals affiliated to it. Together these hospitals combined staff strength of 4400 including doctors, nurses and Other supporting staff.  Dalian Medical University ranking is highest in Liaoning Province.

Dalian Medical University has academic and Research relationship with 75 Universities in 27 different countries across the world. Listed are some of the Premier Medical Institutions which has academic Collaboration with Dalian Medical University.

[list type=”tick”][li]Heidelberg University, Germany[/li] [li]Curtin University of Technology, Australia[/li] [li]Gunma University School of Medicine, Japa[/li] [li]Wright State University School of Medicine, USA[/li] [li]University at Buffalo, New York, USA[/li] [li]Saga Medical School, Japan[/li] [li]State University of New York, USA,[/li] [li]Saint Louis University, USA[/li] [li]Vladivostok National Medical University, Russia [/li] [/list]


Dalian University has dedicated International affairs office to take of needs of the International faculty, Research scholars and foreign students. Dalian Medical University has great mix of international students with a strong presence of Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan students.