Fudan University


Founded in 1905 Fudan University is one of the Oldest University and the No 1 ranked Medical University  in China and is located in shanghai, the Business capital of China. In the year 1950 Shanghai Medical College, the most prestigious Medical College in China merged with Fudan to form new Fudan University. Fudan University is the only University in Shanghai that has been approved by Medical Council of India offering MBBS in English Medium.  MBBS at Fudan is quite expensive and of course the Best of 50 Medical College approved by Medical Counsel of India.

At 42,000 RMB per annum, MBBS in English Medium may look bit expensive for few people but for the Quality of Medical Education Fudan imparts, that money is dirt cheap. The dead line for the MBBS Program is end of March and they stick to dead line very rigidly and the admission is very very competitive as the University has only 30 seats for its MBBS Program in English.

Over last 60 years, since it started accepting foreign students, Fudan University has trained thousands of International students in their courses which are World class or Standard by themselves. University has close to 27,000 of which 4,000 are international.  They well supported 1400 full time Professors and Asst. Professors. Like Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, Fudan University is located in Orient building with stunningly beautiful campus. Some of the prestigious hospitals in Shanghai that are affiliated with Shaghai Medical College at Fudan University .

Fudan is a Multi Disciplinary University offering wide range of courses.  The University has 28 different departments offering 70 Undergraduate, 229 Masters Programs and close to 150 Post Doctoral Programs. There are 29 research stations offering Post doctoral programs. These are stunning statics for any University by any Standard.