Fujian Medical University

Fujian Medical University (FJMU), established in 1937 is situated in Fuzhou 800 KMs south west of Shanghai and it is well connected by Bullet Trains from Shanghai. The university has permission to recruit 90 students for its MBBS program in English.  The Tuition fee for MBBS in English Medium is about RMB 28000 Yuan per annum. The tuition fee is considered to bit expensive given the average ranking of the MBBS in English Program.

Fuzhou is the capital city of Fujian Province, which has very long east coast where all the modernization of China has started. The weather in Fuzhou is quite moderate. Its close proximity to Taiwan is another reason for its fast economic growth. Ningbo, Hangzhou and Xiamen are some of the other well developed cities which are close to Fuzhou. Fuzhou also comes under special Economic and Technological Zones in China.

Fujian Medical University is built at the foot of Wushi Hill in the middle of Fuzhou in a sprawling 87 hectares with built up area of 4 lakh square meters. Fujian Medical University has full time student strength of 20,000, well supported by 5000 strong qualified staff. The University is under the direct administration of the Provincial Government has built 65 Research Centre with the help of Fujian Provincial Ministry. The University has 26 Teaching hospitals and attached to 10 hospitals.

Fujian Medical University is known for its academic excellence and also established collaboration with reputed Medical Universities in USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Sweden and other developed countries for Joint Research, Faculty exchange and student Internships.