Kunming Medical University

Kunming Medical University’s history backs in 1933, when Donglu University proposed a distinct program in medicine. In 1937, the program got elaborated and became as the School of Medicine of Yunnan University. In 1956, the School became an independent institution known as Kunming Medical College. Kunming Medical University, since its inception, has originated itself as the specialized and largest medical university in the Province of Yunnan.

Staring the year 2011 Kunming Medical University started offering MBBS in English Medium with approval 80 seats. The Tuition is fee is also quite affordable at 26,000 RMB per annum. The living cost in Kunming Medical College is also not that expensive. The MBBS program offered at Kunming Medical College is approved by Medical Council of India (MCI).

Though Kunming University rankling may not appear in Top 10 in China, but it is definitely a very good University. The addition advantage of Kunming Medical University is that it is connected to Kolkata with a convenient 2 hours flight. The food in Kunming is quite spicy and Indian students really relish the taste and will find it close to Indian food.  

In the last 75 years, Kunming Medical University has provided world class higher level of medical education and also has been responsible for the development of health care in province of Yunnan. Kunming Medical College has produced more than 60,000 graduates who have contributed exceptionally for the social and economic development of the country.

Kunming Medical University campus of constitutes an area of 125.4 hectares. Currently there are over 14,000 students. Kunming Medical University’s staff strength has been around 6,500 out of which nearly 1,250 are professors.

Kunming Medical College has 13 schools which offer around 16 undergraduate programs, 33 graduate programs, and one Doctoral degree program. Kunming Medical University is affiliated to around 10 hospitals and has 5 research institutes, 9 teaching hospitals. Kunming Medical University provides international students with a top notch teaching facilities with a huge and cutting edge technology in the field of medicine. Kunming Medical University’s library has an immense collection of over 10,00,000 books.

7 affiliated hospitals out of the 10 hospitals of Kunming Medical College have been regarded as A-Level Hospitals of China and have a bed capacity of more than 10,000. The First Associated Hospital witness over 4,000 outpatients a day and is the largest hospital in Yunnan. The Second Associated Hospital is regarded as one among the “100 Best Hospitals of China”. The Third Associated Hospital is Yunnan’s biggest cancer hospital and research center.

Kunming Medical University trained ample number of international students from almost around 24 countries particularly from India, America, UK, France and Germany. Kunming Medical University has made exceptional accomplishments in the area of international exchange programs from over 40 countries and also conferred guest lecturers from over 60 countries.