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Popular MCI Approved China Medical Universities

China Medical University

China Medical University is one of the 10 Medical Universities in China. Since its inception in 1931 CMU has produced more than 50,000 graduates and has enrollment of strength of over 15,000 students with close to 600 Research students.  Located in the city of Shenyang, well connected by 5 hrs bullet train from the Capital city of Beijing. The sheer academic excellence of CMU attracts so many International and Indian Students.

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South East University 

South East University Medical College one of the historical University in China is  located in the city of Nanjing which just 90 minutes  from Shanghai by  Bullet Train. The University is known for its academic excellence and ranked as one of the Top Medical University in South China. Apart from this the weather is Nanjing is nice tropical, which is Indian like and strong presence of International students are the other driving factors which attracts lot of Indian students. University does lot research backed by excellent infrastructure and lots of funds from Provincial more


Tianjin Medical University

Tianjin Medical University is located in the heart City of Tianjin, which just 30 minutes away from Beijing by bullet train. Established in 1985 TMU is the China’s Oldest Medical University of Medicine. TMU has strong mix of International students from 24 counties especially from Asia and with 6 affiliate hospitals and 30 teaching hospitals. Tianjin Medical University is the one of the best Medical College to study MBBS in China in English Medium. Tianjin University gets huge grants from Central Government of China for its Research and development.

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Zhejiang Medical University

Zhejiang University is considered as one of the top ranked Universities in situated in Hangzhou, which is the capital city of Zhejiang province of China. Zhejiang is regarded as one of the most magnificent and beautiful regions of China.Zhejiang Medical University is one of the top 10 Universities in China offering MBBS in English language with top notch quality and maintains global standards.

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