MBBS in China

Looking forward to study MBBS in China, Raj Consultants provides most comprehensive services for your Medical Education in China in MCI approved Medical Colleges in China. We understand the intricacies in MBBS in China better than anybody else. Our CEO visits Medical Universities in China so frequently to liaise with Chinese Medical University officials and sort out any problems of the students.

Chinese education and its Universities took strides along with its economy.  Medical Education is no different. There are 150 world class Medical Universities in China. Infrastructure at the Medical Universities is world class and State of Art Research goes on. China utilizes the same infrastructure and brought in English faculty to offer MBBS in China in English Medium. Effective Utilization of existing Infrastructure was the prime reason for Study MBBS in China being less expensive compared to the Medical Education offered in other counties.

Cost of MBBS in China:

The cost of MBBS in China far less compared to MBBS in India or any other country. This is primarily due to the fact that there is huge infrastructure in the existing Medical Colleges in China. Just by bringing the English teaching faculty made study MBBS in China at substantially lower cost.  MBBS in China being offered in some of the Best Medical Colleges in China with tuition fee as low as Rs. 10 lakhs for the entire program. With living lower than India due lower inflation, the total cost for MBBS in China works out much cheaper than many other countries.

Certain facts about studying MBBS is China.

    • Medical education in China is ranked 4th as per the survey of WHO.
    • There are 150 Medical Universities offering MBBS in China.
    • For the Year 2012 there are 49 MCI approved medical colleges in china offering MBBS in China in English Medium.
    • MBBS in China is similar to India with four and half of Medical education in China followed by one year of residency.
    • Residency can be done either in hospitals in India or China to complete MBBS in China.
    • Any student who does MBBS outside India has to appear for MCI Screening Test to practice Medicine in India.
    • Faculty for MBBS in China is mix from India, USA, China and other advanced countries.
    • Curriculum for MBBS in China is similar to that of India and they use almost same books.
    • Some of the Medical colleges in China Offer MCI Screening Training during MBBS study in China.
    • Separate Hostels are available for Boys and Girls and China is much safer place to live after its economic boom. Both Campuses and Hostels are well monitored by security agencies and police.
    • Indian food is available in these campuses and is inexpensive.
    • China is our next country and some time on offer, you can get return flight tickets under Rs. 20, 000/-.

Word of Caution on studying MBBS in China

    • One must be very choosy about the Medical Universities in China with respect to English Faculty. Some of the best Medical colleges in China are yet to acquire good English faculty.
    • Avoid Medical colleges in China, who have recently approved to offer MBBS in China in English Medium unless you verify the English Faculty.
    • Some students become lazy and careless about studies and finally face problem at MCI Screening Test. Please remember if the student doesn’t study he/she cannot pass any exam.
    • It takes some time to understand the local culture and do not get up right away. Also parents need to understand the Chinese culture like other western culture, boys and girls move closely than they do in India.
    • Please estimate students’ maturity levels as the student suddenly becomes free and some students may become irresponsible. This can happen in India as well.
    • Please pay your tuition fee directly to the Medical Colleges in China. Some of the consultants have collected tuition fee from the student and has not paid to Medical Colleges in China. This was the prime reason for some of the bad reputation on MBBS in China.

Based on the personal visits of our CEO, we have selected few Medical Colleges in China which best suits you and you may verify what was told to you at the time of counseling on Internet and social networking sites.