MBBS in China

China has come up as the most popular destination in the world for students who are interested in a career in medicine. This country has finally opened its gate for foreign students who want to go for higher education in Chinese Universities. One can find almost all major countries represented in the Chinese campus which have come to occupy the leading position across the globe. Most of these Chinese universities have been mentioned in the ‘Directory of Medical Schools’ by WHO. In order to create a high standard of education for international students, the MOE or the Chinese Ministry of Education has come up with the ‘Interim provisions for quality control standards for foreign students’ in 2007. These provisions which are being reviewed and published every year have listed more than 49 government authorised medical universities. However, the universities which don’t find a mention in this list are not allowed to enrol foreign students in their undergraduate medical courses.

As already mentioned above, thousands of students from all over the world are choosing China as their preferred country for a medical degree. Only last year alone, more than 10,000 students got enrolled in some of these Chinese medical schools. China has more than 150 medical schools with world class infrastructure and state of art research facility. Moreover they have taken special care to bring in an English speaking faculty who would be offering MBBS education in English language.

Cost of MBBS in China

The cost of a medical degree in China is much less than that of in India or other countries. This is because of the fact there is already a huge infrastructure of medical schools in this country. MBBS degree is offered in some of the best medical schools in China which fees as basic as RS.10 lakhs for the entire course.

The effective use of the existing infrastructure has brought down the tuition fees enormously. All they needed to do was to import a body of English speaking faculty to teach medicine at a relatively cheaper rate. Approximately the cost of MBBS in China is about RMB 20,000 per year to RMB 35,000 a year which comes down to about Rs. 160000 – Rs. 260000 per annum. The cost of a medical degree in China is subsidized by the Chinese government and therefore the fee is considerably lower when compared to private universities in India or other countries. Thus the students are required to pay only about 8 to 10 lakhs for their total cost of this degree. However the fee structure varies from university to university.

Most popular Medical Schools

Let’s now come to some of the most popular schools of medicine in China.

China Medical University – the first medical college in the country established by the communist party, the CMU is one of the best universities for medicine in China. They have Indian curriculum along with an International syllabus for the programme in medicine. The availability of separate hostel facilities for boys and girls, easy availability of Indian food and incorporation of Indian text books along with their UK and US editions are some of the factors which has made it immensely popular among Indian students.

Tianjin Medical UniversitySituated in Tianjin city which is just a 30 minutes drive from Beijing, this university is one of the oldest universities for medicine in the country. Tianjin Medical University attracts students from more than 24 countries of the world especially from India and Sri Lanka.  Their reasonable cost of education along with their proven academic excellence, hostel accommodation and availability of Indian food are some of the factors which attract students from India. With 30 teaching hospitals and 6 affiliate hospitals, the TMU is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to study medicine. Moreover they receive huge grants from the Chinese government for research and development purposes.

South East Universitythis historical college of medicine is located in Nanjing City which is about a 90 minutes train journey from the city of Shanghai. One of the best medical schools of South China, the South East University Medical College is widely known for their academic excellence. The tropical weather of Nanjing is another factor which attracts a lot of students from India in the campus.

These are just a few names. There are many other internationally recognized medical colleges in China like Anhui College of TCM, Zhejiang Medical University, Wenzhou Medical College, Kunming Medical University, Fujian Medical University, Capital Medical University, Jilin University, HUST University, Beihua University etc.

A few reasons why you should study medicine in China

If you are having doubts before you choose China as your preferred destination for a career in medicine then the following factors are sure to change your mind.

  1. There are 49 medical schools in China which are internationally recognized and listed in the ‘Directory of World Medical Schools’ by WHO. Thus graduates from any of these universities are eligible for any medical screening tests like PLAB, MCI, PMDC, SCHS and USMLE etc.
  2. Now you can graduate with a medical degree which is globally recognized.
  3. Most of the Chinese Medical Universities rank among the best 500 universities in the world. The MBBS programmes in English language are being given for years and the pass outs can either pursue further specialization courses in China or go for practicing in their own country.
  4. When compared with the American or European universities or even some universities in India, getting an admission in one of the top Chinese universities is relatively easier. Moreover the cost of studying medicine in China is much lesser than that in other countries.
  5. Opting for a medical degree in China is about 70% cheaper than undertaking the same course in Europe or USA, thus making it the most economical alternative. The lower cost of living and low tuition fees are one factor which might help you make your decision.
  6. With more and more foreign students coming to China for higher education you will be able to immerse yourself in an increasingly international atmosphere where you are likely to meet students from all around the globe.
  7. If you want to go for an internship in China then there is good news for you since this country has lots of quality hospitals where you can do your internship. Being one of the most highly populated countries, the medical market of China is expanding quickly to become one of the largest medical markets of the world.