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The bachelor’s degree may be defined as “An award that normally requires at least four but not more than five years of full-time equivalent college-level work. The term ‘college’ refers to a four-year undergraduate school where students earn Bachelor's degrees. Colleges can be part of a university, which is an institution offering both undergraduate and graduate programs.

To earn your degree or certificate as an international student, you have your choice of all the top schools, colleges and universities in USA that specialize in the best Bachelor Degree programs. Most undergraduate or Bachelor's degrees in the United States require completion of 120 credits, amounting to 15 hours of credit each term for full-time students.

The country has a federal system of government that has historically valued local governance; no country-level education system or curriculum exists in the United States. Each of the fifty states has its own Department of Education that sets guidelines for the schools of that state.

Some US colleges and universities have a separate academic track known as an ‘Honors’ or ‘Scholars’ program, generally offered to the top percentile of students (based on GPA), that offers more challenging courses or more individually directed seminars or research projects in lieu of the standard core curriculum.

Bachelor's degree admission requirements

In order to qualify for the Bachelor's degree course, one generally needs to have completed higher secondary school or 10+2 at a level equivalent to that offered in the country where he/she wishes to study. A good comparison to make is, if you qualify for undergraduate university study in your home country, you will most often qualify for the same courses abroad. In some cases you may need to do an extra preparatory year due to certain special requirements within language, scientific or mathematical studies.

Although admission policies vary from one university to the other, most determine admission based on several criteria, including a student's high school course of study, high school Grade Point Average (GPA), participation in extracurricular activities, SAT or ACT exam scores, a written essay and possibly a personal interview.

Most students in the United States take the SAT or the ACT test for admission in college. Each university sets a minimum SAT or ACT score that a student must achieve in order to gain admission. These are standardized quantitative examinations. The SAT tests critical reading, mathematics and writing skills. The ACT tests English, mathematics, reading, science reasoning and includes an optional writing test.

Universities often require students to write an essay as part of the application process. Each admissions office determines the length and content of the essay. The applicant may be asked to give a personal interview to a representative from the admissions office.